We are so pleased to have a wonderful children’s program on Sunday mornings! How exciting it is to have a great and diverse group of kids, and to have skilled teachers and helpers who have a deep love for each of the children!

We value children highly, and they are always welcome with us during our worship services. We know that some families are more comfortable being together during that time, and people have freedom to do that.

In addition, during our Sunday morning services…

  • Nursery is available for the entire service for babies and toddlers. These kids receive wonderful care throughout the time.
  • Junior Church is offered for the entire service for preschool (and kindergarten). These kids do fun activities and also have opportunity to learn more about God through our great teachers.
  • Primary Church is offered for second half of the service for school age children (through ~age 10). These kids get to experience fun activities, sing and pray together, and learn from wonderful teachers.

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